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Body and Home

Shimadzu ELB

Available with Division:

10mg (0.01g) | 0.1g

Capacity Range: 300g-3000g

Portable, Simple, Basic, AC/DC or AA Battery operation

Body and Home


Available with Division:-

0.01g (10mg) | 0.05g | 0.1g

Capacity Range: 300g-3000g

Simple, Basic Counting, AC/DC or Battery operation, RS232/USB

Body and Home


Available with Division:-

0.01g (10mg) | 0.05g | 0.1g

Capacity Range: 300g-3000g

Advance, Counting, Print, AC/DC or Battery operation, RS232/USB

Body and Home

BSM Series

Available with Division:-

0.1mg | 1mg | 10mg (0.01g)

Capacity Range: 220g-6200g

Simple and Affordable with RS232, LAN and USB interfaces

Body and Home

Shimadzu TX/TXB

Available with Division:-

1mg | 10mg (0.01g) | 0.1g

Capacity Range: 220g-6200g

Simple and Basic with RS232 interface

Body and Home

Shimadzu BX

Available with Division:-


Capacity: 12kg-32kg

Large pan, High Capacity, Superior durability, RS232

Body and Home

Shimadzu AU

Available with Division:-


Capacity Range: 120g-320g

Analytical balance, Various application functions

Body and Home

Shimadzu AUW-D

Available with Division:-

0.01mg | 0.1mg

Capacity: 82g/ 220g (Dual)

Dual-range semi-micro balances, fully-automatic calibrations

Helpful Information:


A microbalance is an instrument capable of making precise measurements of weight of objects of relatively small mass: of the order of a million parts of a gram. In comparison, a standard analytical balance is 100 times less sensitive; i.e. it is limited in precision to 0.1 milligrams max. Microbalances are generally used in a laboratory as standalone instruments but are also incorporated into other instruments, such as thermogravimetry, sorption/desorption systems, and surface property instruments. It is the precision of the microbalance that distinguishes it from other weighing devices.

Analytical balance

An analytical balance is a class of balance designed to measure small mass in the sub-milligram range. The measuring pan of an analytical balance (0.1 mg or better) is inside a transparent enclosure with doors so that dust does not collect and so any air currents in the room do not affect the balance's operation. This enclosure is often called a draft shield. The use of a mechanically vented balance safety enclosure, which has uniquely designed acrylic airfoils, allows a smooth turbulence-free airflow that prevents balance fluctuation and the measure of mass down to 1 μg without fluctuations or loss of product. Also, the sample must be at room temperature to prevent natural convection from forming air currents inside the enclosure from causing an error in reading. Single pan mechanical substitution balance maintains consistent response throughout the useful capacity is achieved by maintaining a constant load on the balance beam, thus the fulcrum, by subtracting mass on the same side of the beam to which the sample is added.

Electronic analytical scales measure the force needed to counter the mass being measured rather than using actual masses. As such they must have calibration adjustments made to compensate for gravitational differences. They use an electromagnet to generate a force to counter the sample being measured and outputs the result by measuring the force needed to achieve balance. Such measurement device is called electromagnetic force restoration sensor.

Precision balance

Is a table top scale with high precision and accuracy. Such scales give a readability of 0.001g (1mg), 0.01g and 0.1 g. The same type of scales that used in gold and jewelry shops with 0.01g as division.